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  • Dual Dash Camera


    The Polaris front and rear dash cam is an invaluable asset to your vehicle!

    The Polaris front and rear dash cam ease the insurance process if you are involved in an accident. Furthermore, it can help avoid arguments out on the road. Other drivers involved will normally keep quiet after being politely told that the whole accident was caught on camera.

    Polaris have a front and rear dash cam to give you total peace of mind.

    The Polaris dual dash camera not only records what is in front of you, but also includes a rear camera to record what is happening behind you.

    The recording rear dash cam is beneficial for:

    A car that accidentally backs onto you.

    In case someone hits you from behind, drives off and the front camera misses it.

    Using it as a Reversing aid

    The Polaris front and rear dash cam comes standard with a 16GB SD card

    However,  it will take up to a 128 GB micro SD card – Great for capturing adventures.

    The unit will automatically loop once the card has reached capacity.

    This is a great built in feature which makes sure that your front and rear dash cam are not going to miss anything.

    You can change what image you see on the screen

    The Polaris front and rear dash cam will allow you to toggle between different screens. Picture in picture > Rear Cam > Front Cam > Horizontal Split screen, Vertical split screen.

    It has a G sensor built in

    If the Polaris front and rear dash cam detects an accelerated rate of motion caused by sudden impact, it will lock the current footage and cannot be recorded over.

    The front dash cam records in 1080P

    The front dash cam records in 1080P which gives you crystal clear footage of what is going on in front of you.

    The rear dash cam records in 720P

    The front dash cam records in 720P which is still great quality for capturing number plates etc.

    The rear dash cam mounts externally

    The rear dash cam is designed to be mounted on the outside of the vehicle near the number plate. It is protected by dust and the effects temporary submersion in water (30 minutes at 3 feet).

    The Polaris front and rear dash cam has built in WDR.

    WDR stands for wide dynamic Range meaning, it creates optimal footage when recording dark and light components together. This is a great feature for capturing number plates at night.

    It has parking detection built in

    The Polaris front and rear dash cam goes into standby mode when accessories power is switched off. This means that if the dash cam detects motion or an impact, the camera will turn on and record for 10 seconds.

    It is super easy to retrieve your data

    Just pop the SD card out, load into your computer and drop and drag your files.

    The Polaris front and rear dash cam is affordable.

    Don’t wait until involved in an accident to buy a dash cam. $185.00 is a small price to pay for complete peace of mind.

    Model No. G-52
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  • Polaris DVR

    Additional information

    Weight 1.00 kg
    Model No. DVR-G50
    $135.00+P+H Add to cart