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    Reduce the risk of speeding fines with the Polaris Digital HUD

    Look directly at the digital HUD rather than looking at a reflection. This is a great alternative if you don’t want to apply the small piece of tint on your windscreen.

    The digital HUD  provides safer driving as your speed is displayed clearly within your line of vision.

    It also has fixed Red light & speed camera audible warnings. The digital HUD & HUD plus are the only products to have this feature.

    The Polaris digital HUD is simple to install. Just plug it into your cigarette lighter, mount the digital HUD on your windscreen / dash and your ready to go.

    The unit also has 2 over speed alert warnings that can be adjusted to your desired level.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the DIGITAL HUD work?

    The DIGITAL HUD is a small unit that mounts on your dashboard or windscreen and displays your vehicles speed. It plugs into the cigarette lighter and calculates the speed via the GPS satellites. The DIGITAL HUD also has audible fixed speed and red light camera alerts built into it.

     How is the DIGITAL HUD beneficial?

    There are many reasons why the DIGITAL HUD would be beneficial and some include:

    • Reducing the risk of accidents as you don’t need to keep diverting your eyes from the road to continually check your speed.
    • Lowering the risk of speeding fines as you can clearly see what speed you are traveling at and it also has the added bonus of warning you when approaching a fixed speed camera.
    • It reduces the risk of red light camera fines as the unit will alert you when approaching a fixed red light camera.
    • It’s perfect for people who have changed their tyre size and aren’t exactly sure if their speedometer is correct
    • learner and P plate drivers can benefit from the DIGITAL HUD as they are always trying to monitor their speed but shouldn’t be continually taking their eyes off the road to check.
    • It’s great for people that have trouble reading small numbers on the speedometer.
    • classic or imported cars where the speed is displayed in miles per hour will benefit from the DIGITAL HUD as the speed can be read in kmph.


    How does the DIGITAL HUD know the speed?

    It calculates the speed via GPS satellites

    How accurate is the DIGITAL HUD?

    Because the speed is calculated via GPS satellites, it is most likely more accurate than your speedo. All speedometers are calibrated to have some margin of error.

    What is the GPS Refresh Rate

    One time per second (1Hz)

    How does the DIGITAL HUD know where the Fixed Speed and Red light cameras are located?

    The DIGITAL HUD works out via satellites when you are approaching fixed Speed and Red light cameras that are loaded in the data.

    Who provides the data for the fixed Speed and Red light cameras?

    The data is provided by Tom Tom.

    Does the DIGITAL HUD display anything on the unit when approaching the speed camera and red light cameras?

    No the warning is audible only

    Do I need to set anything up or turn the camera warnings on when I originally install the unit?

    No you do not have to set anything up, just make sure that the voice is not muted (please read troubleshooting FAQ if you cannot hear the warnings).

    How many metres does it warn me when approaching speed cameras and red light cameras?

    The DIGITAL HUD will warn you approx. 190 metres on approach and then again at approx 50 metres on approach.

    What kind of sound does it make when alerting me to a speed camera?

    The unit will actually ‘tell’ you and it will also advise what the current speed zone is.
    For example if you are traveling in an 80km/h zone and you are approaching a speed camera it will say ‘Speed Camera in 190 metres, speed zone 80km’. It will then warn you again at approx 50 metres ‘Speed Camera in 50 metres, speed zone 80km’

    What kind of sound does it make when alerting me to a red light camera?

    The unit will actually ‘tell’ you, for example when approaching a red light camera it will say ‘Red light camera in 190 metres. It will then warn you again at approx 50 metres ‘Red Light Camera in 50 metres’.

     Will it warn me when approaching mobile speed cameras?

    No, it will only warn you when you approach FIXED red light and speed cameras.

    How do I update the DIGITAL HUD?

    We normally receive an update every year. To get the unit updated, you will need to send the digital HUD back and we will update it for you.

    How much does the DIGITAL HUD update cost?

    The update costs $25.00

    Can I match it with my vehicles speedo?

    Yes there is a setting to calibrate the DIGITAL HUD to match your speedo exactly.

    Does it have speed alerts?

    Yes, it has 2 preset speed alert warnings that you can set up yourself. The unit will make a beep sound when you exceed the preset warning.

    So for example if you wanted to set a warning at 80 km/h and 100km/h the unit will beep once when you exceed 80km/h and beep twice when you exceed 100 km/h.

    Does the DIGITAL HUD display the time?

    Yes the DIGITAL HUD does display the time in white. this feature can be turned off.

    Can I hardwire it?

    Yes we do have a hardwire option available, the cable is $22.00 which means that the 12/24 volt  power will be picked up from behind the dashboard.

     Why do I need a hardwire cable? Can’t I just cut the cigarette lighter end off?

    Our hardwire cable has a 5 volt reducer built in so that when you power it to 12 volt, you do not cause any damage to the unit. The 5 volt reducer is built into the cigarette lighter adaptor so when you cut this off, you are cutting off the reducer.

    Can Polaris install the unit for me?

    Yes we can, if you want us to hardwire it, it is an extra $50.00. If you just want us to set it up via the cigarette lighter, this is free of charge. We will plug the unit in, mount the unit on the dashboard and apply the window tint.

    Is the DIGITAL HUD visible in sunlight?

    Yes, the DIGITAL HUD is very easy to see in daylight.

    Can I see the DIGITAL HUD at night?

    You can clearly see the DIGITAL HUD at night, if the speed is too bright you can turn the brightness down.

    Is the Brightness adjustable?

    Yes, you can adjust the brightness up and down via the main menu on the DIGITAL HUD. It also has an automatic brightness adjustment and the unit will adjust accordingly.

    Am i able to install the DIGITAL HUD myself and how?

    You simply find a perfect spot to mount your DIGITAL HUD and plug it into the cigarette lighter.

    How does it stick on the dash or windscreen?

    The DIGITAL HUD uses 3M double sided tape to stick onto the dash or the windscreen

    My car has a dash mat, how do i mount the DIGITAL HUD?

    We suggest buying some Velcro and sticking it to the dash mat. Alternatively the DIGITAL HUD will also mount on the windscreen.

    Will the DIGITAL HUD suit my car?

    The DIGITAL HUD will suit any car. We understand that all windscreens are different shapes and sizes this is why the DIGITAL HUD sits on an adjustable mount so you can adjust accordingly.

    What is the difference between the DIGITAL HUD and the HUD PLUS? 

    The DIGITAL HUD and the HUD plus are the exact same unit. The only difference is that the HUD plus reflects the speed onto your windscreen whereas you look directly at the speed on the DIGITAL HUD.
    In other words the HUD plus is reflective and the DIGITAL HUD is non reflective.

    Does the DIGITAL HUD alert me when I approach red light speed cameras?

    Yes the Polaris DIGITAL HUD will alert you when you approach speed cameras or red light cameras.

    Can I see the DIGITAL HUD if I wear polarized sunglasses?

    In some cases the speed display might dull down slightly if wearing polarized sunglasses.Please Note: The above information is based from our own experience and customer feedback. Your experience with the DIGITAL HUD may differ due to individual differences and the fact that we all perceive colours differently.

    Can I move it from vehicle to vehicle?

    Yes you can move it from vehicle to vehicle as it just plugs into the cigarette lighter. We recommend purchasing another adjustable mount.

     What are the dimensions?

    The dimensions of the unit are (L) 10.07cm x (H) 7cm x (W) 1.5cm

    How heavy is the DIGITAL HUD?

    The unit weighs 80 grams

    Does it have to be in my line of vision?

    Not necessarily, the numbers are a large display so mounting it within your peripheral vision is usually good enough.

    Are there different colours available?

    No, the DIGITAL HUD is only available in a green display. The speed is displayed in green and the time is displayed in white.

    What is the warranty?

    12 months replacement warranty

    Where can I buy it?

    You can purchase it directly from our us or we have a number of stockists available which you can find on our website or call 1300 555 514 to find your nearest stockist or place an order.

    How much is the DIGITAL HUD?

    The unit is $129.00 + P&H

    How much is Postage and handling?

    Postage and handling is $13.50

     How long will it take to get to me?

    Please check here for shipping information.

    How is the unit sent?

    The DIGITAL HUD is sent via Australia Post E-parcel and a signature needs to be obtained upon delivery.


    The DIGITAL HUD is way out from my Speedo (this could range from 10 km/h to 100 km/h)

    The DIGITAL HUD will vary slightly from your speedometer as your speedometer is calibrated with some margin of error, but if it is way out (from 10km/h and up) it is probably just a case of the unit being calibrated incorrectly; this is quite easy to do as it can be confused for the speed alert setting.

    If you want the DIGITAL HUD to simply work off satellites, please set the calibration back to 0.

    It takes about 30 seconds to pick up satellite, is this normal?

    Yes the unit will take approx 30-40 seconds to pick up satellites

    When I go through tunnels, it stops working, is this normal?

    Yes, unless the tunnel has a built in GPS booster, the DIGITAL HUD will lose satellite whilst in a tunnel.

    My HUD has overheated and it won’t start until it had cooled down, is this normal?

    Yes, as with all electronic products they can only take a certain amount of heat. Whilst you are driving this shouldn’t be too much of an issue, however if you are leaving your car parked in the hot sun for a fair amount of time, we suggest unplugging the HUD, sliding it off the bracket and placing it in the glove box. This will prevent the HUD from overheating whilst sitting in the hot sun.

    The DIGITAL HUD is not alerting me to any red light and speed cameras that I approach, is there a problem with the unit?

    Please double check that you have not accidentally muted the voice or turned the volume down. To enable/disable the voice press set (do not hold it down as this will turn the time feature on and off). Also go into your volume settings and make sure that the volume is turned up to a reasonable setting so that you can hear it. If you have double checked both of these settings and they are ok, please give us a call on 1300 555 514 to speak with our support team.

    The DIGITAL HUD alerts me for some of the red light/speed cameras and not others, why is this?

    As more and more cameras are getting installed, if the speed/red light cameras have been installed within the last update available from Polaris, then unfortunately it won’t be in the data until possibly the next update that we receive from Tom Tom. If you believe that the camera has been there for many years and it still is not warning you please give us a call on 1300 555 514 to speak with our support team.

    The DIGITAL HUD keeps cutting out  

    We believe this to be a power issue. Please contact Polaris on 1300 555 514 or email and we will send you out a brand new Cigarette lighter adaptor.

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