Caravan camera kit to suit PID and Maxx in dash units

Model No. Caravankit/ctrl

Caravan camera kit to suit PID and Maxx in dash units

Model No. Caravankit/ctrl

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The Polaris Caravan/Trailer Camera Kit is the perfect addition to our PID and Maxx range (PID019, PID1624, Polaris Maxx & Universal Maxx), making life a breeze by adding a camera to the rear of your caravan/trailer.

In the Box

2 way control box

Toggle switch

WOZA kit

Round White IR camera

7m Extension

2m RCA

General Information
Extension Cable


Pin Configuration:



Polaris 4 Pin Configuration (male and female on either end)

Curly Coil


Pin Configuration:

Plug Material:




4 pin DIN female chrome sockets on both ends

2m WOZA Cable


Plug Material:




4 pin DIN male on one end (plugs into Polaris system) and 4 pin DIN male chrome socket with spring loaded flap (mounts on the rear of the tow vehicle)

10m WOZA Cable


Plug Material:



4 pin DIN female on one end (plugs into Polaris camera) and 4 pin DIN male chrome socket with spring loaded flap (mounts on A frame)



Lens Angle:

IP Rating:

Image Device:







Black or White



1/3” Colour CCD


Waterproof Alloy Steel

Black IR – PAL

White IR – NTSC

H 50mm x W 80mm

Control Box With Toggle Switch

Operating Voltage:








Toggle Switch:







DC 12V-24V

420 TV Lines

12V Socket

2x RCA

Reverse Trigger Wire for Reverse

Length: 10.3cm

Width: 6.2cm

Depth: 2.8cm

Stainless Steel

3Amp In-line Fuse

GND Wire (black)

BATT Wire (yellow)

REV Wire (green)

BACK Wire (blue)

Connects to PID019, PID1624, PID262

Control Box & Switch to go Between two Cameras

Easy to Attach & Detach Curly Coil Between Car & Caravan/Trailer

Camera Included

2 Year Warranty

Additional information

Weight 1.22 kg

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    The Polaris Universal in dash GPS will replace your current Radio/Head unit

    Some vehicles can do a straight swap out with no extra parts required. Some vehicles require extra parts like surrounds that make it fit perfectly.

    So what vehicles will it fit?

    The Polaris Universal GPS will fit a wide array of different vehicles but for a list of the ones we know will definitely fit click here.


    The PID1624 comes with universal wiring which will require you to tap into your factory plug.


    Some extra bits and pieces might be needed for certain vehicles. If you are still unsure then give us a call on 1300 555 514 or jump on our live chat.

    It has Street Navigation 

    Navigate easily around town with the Tom Tom GPS. Powered by iGo primo which means it’s super easy to use.


    Drive with confidence with clear spoken street names and lane guidance technology.


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    Want to be directed to Camps Australia locations? We can add the Camps Australia POIs for an extra $19.95

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    Look up destinations before heading there to plan your next adventure.


    It comes with 1:150K Australia wide topographical maps but if you want more detailed maps you can purchase directly from GPS oz.

    It comes standard with a reverse camera

    No more backing into things with a Polaris reverse camera.


    A Polaris reverse camera not only makes reversing a breeze but it ensures that you can see clearly behind your vehicle when reversing.


    The camera is a miniature camera that mounts externally. You can even request one with guidelines at no extra charge.


    Believe it or not but 11% of accidents involve collision while reversing. Most of the time this is due to poor visibility and miscalculation (Budget Direct, 2018). The more vehicles fitted with reverse cameras, the more chance that this figure will drop.

    The Polaris Universal in dash GPS has Bluetooth functionality

    Don’t get caught talking on your mobile phone. Use the built in blue tooth feature to make hands free calls.


    Sync your contacts from your phone onto the Polaris universal in dash gps


    Stream Audio via bluetooth.

    It’s got all your standard features

    No need to worry about losing all of your standard functions as the Polaris in dash GPS comes with a built in CD player and AM/FM radio.


    It’s even got a virtual CD stacker so you can copy up to 6 CD’s and play them direct from the unit’s memory.


    The Polaris in dash GPS also has a DVD player built in and can be wired up to external screens in the back for the kids. Perfect for long exhausting trips!

    It’s got a USB input for media playback or for listening to music from your iPhone.

    Insert a USB into the Polaris universal in dash GPS for media playback.


    Charge your phone or listen to your music from your iPhone. Access your iTunes menu directly on the head unit such as artists, albums etc.

    Add a second camera to the Polaris Universal in dash GPS

    Whether you have a caravan, camper trailer or a horse float the Polaris Ford Off Road GPS will allow you to add a second reverse camera onto your trailer.


    View the camera while driving and reversing.

    Additional information

    Weight 3.10 kg
    Model No. PID1624
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